Good reasons for Dorner

We love concrete! That is not just an empty phrase; it is true passion we have been living for over 50 years. For this reason Dorner has become established as the European market leader for software solutions for the construction materials industry. And there are plenty more good reasons, why Dorner the right partner for you is!


Valuable experiences - Valuable solutions

For more than 50 years we have grown with the industry. Our partnership allows us to better understand your needs.


Innovation means understanding

Real innovation calls for insights and well-founded know-how. With curiosity and persistence we achieve solutions that benefit everyone.


Equipped to tackle big challenges

We have built up an international team of more than 90 professionals equipped to help you overcome your challenges.


Mutual respect takes us further

We believe in sustainability and in fair partnerships. This is our attitude throughout the entire working environment.


Couraged to focus on the essentials

In a complex world, we reduce the solutions to the essentials – optimized for the relevant working processes.


Together we can make the difference

It is our aim to make the key difference – in products, in services and in the integration of solutions.


Sustainable market leadership

As the market leader in Europe we are proud to set the standards and to develop Dorner into the most trusted brand in the industry.