Improved quality and faster processes due to F4 concrete

On many construction sites, the usual agenda is that concrete with the delivered regular consistency F3 is diluted for many different purposes with water according to the foreman's instructions. This behaviour has substantial disadvantages for both the quality of the structural elements and their sustainability.

During the production of F4 concretes with a flow consistency of between 490 and 550 mm, a plasticizer is already added to the concrete at the factory. This means that the time-consuming and frequently error-prone consistency adjustment through the addition of water in the truck mixer on the construction site is no longer required.

  • Reduced downtimes and therefore reduced Co2 emissions.
  • Faster smoothing of concrete.
  • Processes on the construction site are accelerated.
  • Reliable final strengths and therefore positive effect on quality and durability of the parts
  • Improved surface quality.
  • Reduction of workload for specialists on the construction site