What is a piggy-back trip?

With DornerOptimize, the dispatcher has the option of combining two or more trips into one trip. This creates a so-called piggy-back trip.

Procedure of a piggy-back trip
•    The vehicle drives to the first construction site and unloads the ordered quantity.
•    The vehicle continues on to the next construction site and unloads the ordered quantity there ...
•    The vehicle returns to the factory.

Requirements for a piggy-back trip
•    The orders have to be of the same concrete specification (or at least interchangeable concrete specifications).
•    The sum of the loading quantities must be less than or equal to the loading capacity of the vehicle.
•    The construction sites should be located on a convenient route (factory to construction site 1 to construction site 2 to ... to factory).
•    The construction site times must be kept close together.

A special case is a separate lubrication mixture order: In this case there are two orders, one for the main mixture with specification X and one for the lubrication mixture with specification Y. First the main mixture is produced and loaded to the vehicle, then the lubricant mixture is produced and loaded to the vehicle as a piggy-back. When discharging to the pump, first the lubricating mixture and secondly the main mixture is unloaded.