A symbol of the modern Mexico – DornerBatch in use during the construction of the airport

With this mammoth project, one of the largest airports in the world, with 6 runways, a symbol of modern Mexico is being built. Right next to the existing airport, in the new airport, glass and steel dominate the building with flowing shapes and futuristic design. The x-shaped terminal and the new runways will stand directly next to the actual capital city airport, called the Benito Juárez airport. The construction works are expected to start in the middle of next year and will last about 50 years until it is completed. Lafarge Holcim, established in more than 90 countries, is a worldwide company in the construction industry and has equipped its first 2 plants in Mexico with DornerBatch. These two plants were installed by our local partner SIMEM and are used for the construction of the new airport – powered by Dorner.

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19.4326077, -99.133208

Area size more than 500,000 m²
Passengers 120 million per year
Costs 7 billion euros
Construction time 50 years

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Simple, clear and established: as the control software, DornerBatch is the heart of your concrete plant.

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