Dorner Electronic counts on T-matix-Solutions

Dorner Electronic develops specialised software solutions for the construction materials industry and is the market leader in Europe. Dorner provide the concrete construction industry with multiple products to ensure their needs are met, with DornerBatch for concrete production, dispatching solutions are handles with DornerOptimize and quality can be managed with the web based DornerConnect solution allowing for measuring and benchmarking of multiple concrete plants, these are successfully integrated to the t-matix IoT platform.  The clients get an unrestricted operation and many optimization measures. Since 2018, Dorner founded a subsidiary in Perth providing local service and support to the Australia and New Zealand markets.  

The sole focus on the concrete industry allows Dorner to provide constant innovations using the latestest technology to both customers of any size. Dorner Electronic has been implementated in national and international projects in recent years.  (report t-matix)

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