Great cooperation with Würschum and Dorner Electronic

Kreher Beton GmbH in Aschaffenburg is a well-known traditional manufacturer of high-quality concrete products. In the middle of 2017, the decision was made to add a new, modern Würschum color dosing system to an already aging paint dosing system for liquid paints.

The requirements for the new granulate plant were highly demanding: additive dosing of 8 primary colors, very high precision, frost protection and cleanliness. With the Würschum system, all these requirements could be fulfilled to their full satisfaction.

The vibrating troughs have three speeds - coarse, fine and superfine to work quickly and yet very accurately. Thus, in the high-precision balance of the COM 70-1 granulate unit, pigment quantities of 100 g to 30 kg can be weighed with an accuracy of up to +/- 5 g. This is done without limiting the dosing speed of max. 1 kg per second. This means that even large batches can be weighed quickly and yet precisely. The max. accuracy of + - 5g is especially important in additive color mixtures, here for example yellow tones to get fine gradations.

This pastel color can be blended with red or black tones according to customer requirements. All of this happens recipe-controlled. For this purpose, the control of the paint system was integrated into the Dorner mixing plant control system. Dorner and Würschum worked together seamlessly, hand in hand because of the many years of good cooperation.

Managing director and owner Theo Kreher says: "The Würschum plant meets all our requirements perfectly and we are very satisfied with the process of installation, commissioning, training and the daily operation of the paint dosing system."

Printed in BWI - BetonWerk International - 3|2019

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