DornerBatch Remote Batching

    The new Remote Batching development offers an additional and completely independent workstation on DornerBatch. Among other things, various data can be maintained, orders entered and reports viewed without disturbing the work of the mix supervisor, who continues to see only his own screen.

    The communication between the systems is encrypted and secure and can take place within a network as well as via the Internet. There are no connection limitations.

    DornerBatch Remote Batching can be used as follows:

    • As a pure data entry form with no influence on the running process
    • Holistic: the complete screen is duplicated. Dangerous interventions such as opening mixers and scales are blocked
    • Full Control: unlimited control with all rights

    Advantages at a glance:

    • Independent workstations
    • Independent views
    • No interference from other user

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