Culture meets Concrete 

The five concrete busts in the front garden of our company headquarters in Egg in the Bregenzerwald inspire new perspectives. The installation harmonises perfectly with the architecture of the company building, which was designed by Leopold Kaufmann and later extended by Hermann Kaufmann.

Mitarbeiter tragen eine Betonbüste.Betonbüste von Max Grüter

Erdtaucher from Max Grüter

Construction sites are part of everyday life at Dorner. Whether in ready-mix concrete and precast concrete components, or dry batch and bulk materials: as a purposeful technology partner, we control our customers' production and digitalise their processes.

We also actively supported the Swiss artist Max Grüter in setting up his Erdtaucher sculptures. Each one weighs between 75 and 250 kilograms. They all have the same basic shape. However, the variable moulding technique means that each Erdtaucher is unique.

The series was created for an installation on the Gotthard Pass in Switzerland, where the concrete sculptures were exposed to the forces of nature in the Alps. They were then exhibited in the sacred and archaeological terrain of the art space  Johanniterkirche Feldkirch.

Betonbüste von Max Grüter
Max Grüter geht lächelnd vorbei.

Free-dimensional sculptures

"I view the Erdtaucher sculptures as wanderers who enter into dialogue with their surroundings at various locations. They work through them like a cross-thought. I am thus rebelling against gravity. It is a subversive questioning of existence."

Max Grüter
Andreas Dorner im Gespräch.

Playful irritation

"These sculptures stimulate thought in a light, unobtrusive way. They stand for openness, diversity, being grounded, not taking yourself too seriously as well as something interesting, unexpected yet inviting. They have a special kind of appealing design that suits our company."

Andreas Dorner
Managing Director, Dorner Holding

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Culture meets Concrete