60 Jahre Dorner Electronic


A look behind the scenes

We are taking our anniversary as an opportunity to document milestones and anecdotes from our 60-year company history. Andreas Dorner goes in search of traces with Karin Guldenschuh. Order emerges from chaos and objects combine into stories. Found objects are a source of joy and gradually form our depot.

Dorner Electronic DepotSchaltplan, 60 Jahre Dorner Electronic

Securing traces

Dorner has been creating with purpose for 60 years and we want to honour this. Out of interest in the past, out of respect for the work of the founders and to understand the path we have taken so far and will continue to take. Because the future arises from our origins.

While studying folders, a diverse archive with memories of the period from 1959 to 2000, I acquired a taste for the past. Unfortunately, some memorabilia have already been lost. With good intentions, things were tidied up and here and there memories were "disposed of" because the "tidiers" had no connection to the items. Both of our company founders have already passed away. Now it's up to me as a second-generation entrepreneur to look back. To some extent, I am talking to contemporary witnesses from the 1970s.

I am right in the middle of securing traces and it gives me great pleasure to get involved – with a feeling somewhere between discoverer and preserver, marvelling, sometimes smiling, personally affected. For me, this documentation work is also an intensive journey through time, from childhood to the present day.

Objects are recorded, numbered, dates and facts collected. These objects each relate to a history, a story. Objects, documents and pictures that are given a place in the depot are stored. The result is an exquisite selection of finds that will be temporarily visible in the company, in offices and in meeting rooms, as both a reminder and an inspiration.

„Understanding the past creates orientation for the future.“

Objekte werden erfasst, Nummern vergeben, Daten und Fakten gesammelt. Diese Objekte haben jeweils Bezug zu einer Geschichte, einer Story. Gegenstände, Dokumente und Bilder, die als Objekt im Depot einen Platz bekommen, werden aufbewahrt. So entsteht eine erlesene Auswahl an Fundstücken, die temporär im Unternehmen, in Büros, in Besprechungsräumen sichtbar sein werden, als Erinnerung und Inspiration zugleich.

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