Another dornerBatch in North Africa

Steel-Kamet is a leading developer in the construction materials industry and in the power plant, gas and oil field sector. Based in Finland, Steel-Kamet has been working with Dorner Electronic for two years. Kamet® modular solutions are ideally suited to produce top-quality concrete, including high strength concrete, colored concrete and other types of special concrete for the needs of the precast and process industries.

Steel-Kamet installed a new plant with dornerBatch now in north Africa. dornerBatch won them over with its multilingual interface, is easy to operate, guarantees maximum system performance and remains future proof. The commissioning is carried out together with our Egyptian Dorner partner EAST.

North Africa’s construction industry is growing faster than the overall economy. The construction of housing is a high priority and the construction sector plays a key role in politics, economy and society. Due to the high growth in population, the provision of housing, infrastructure and work is a central challenge.

North Africa is therefore a promising market which Steel-Kamet will be focusing on more intensively in future.

DornerBatch - the control solution from Dorner Electronic


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