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Save 4.5 kg of cement per m3

Our automation solution dornerBatch impresses with its dosing accuracy. This is good for the environment and – as we say in Austria – for the “Geldbörsel” (i.e., for business). The results of our pilot project with Vigier Beton have been so successful that the solution is being rolled out to other sites this year.

Precise dosing

Precise dosing has always been one of Dorner's strengths – with the new dornerBatch control system generation, we achieve an average dosing deviation of less than one and a half kilogram in cement. Building on this, we have incorporated a setpoint deviation in the negative tolerance range of the standard and developed several features so that the plant operator does not have to constantly correct underdosing, for example – this is all automated.

The calculation is simple: with an annual production of 50,000 m3, a cement consumption of 15,000 tonnes (300 kg per m3) and a cement price of € 150 per tonne, the potential savings amount to € 33,750 or 135 tonnes of CO2 – year after year.

"We saved 7,000 kg of cement within a week, while fulfilling our high quality standards."

Nicolas Binz
ProduktioHead of Production, Vigier Beton

Last year, we started a pilot project with Vigier Beton, which went very well. "At our plant in Flumenthal, we saved 7,000 kg of cement within a week, while fulfilling our high quality standards. This project will be rolled out to other sites this year," says Nicolas Binz (Head of Production, Vigier Beton).

Our quality assurance tool dornerLab rounds off the package – thanks to continuous production control, our customers can be sure that all requirements are always met.

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Pilot project with Vigier Beton

Save 4.5 kg of cement per m3.