DornerControl for Europe's largest producer of terrazzo

AGGLOTECH terrazzo is a recomposed stone firmly rooted in tradition, the result of a perfect mixture of natural elements: marble chips, Portland cement and water.

In cooperation with our Italian partner Elettro Sigma, we installed DornerControl in the new AGGLOTECH mixing plant in Verona, Italy.

The production of terrazzo places particularly high demands on the mixing plant:

  • Highest weighing, dosing and mixing precision
  • Mixing and mixer discharging under vacuum
  • Barcode scanners for identification of terrazzo shapes
  • Large display for shapes
  • Interface to Würschum metering systems

The control software DornerControl is optimised for complex ready-mix concrete plants and precast plants. DornerControl is a software application well-tried and tested in practice; it controls production processes in concrete plants reliably and efficiently.

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Proven for complex plants: DornerControl simply implements the solutions to individual challenges.


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