Mittendorfer trusts in the quality of Dorner Electronic

The concrete plants in Ebensee and Timelkam, Austria, are equipped and controlled with DornerBatch, an ultramodern microprocessor control system. The fleet for all 5 plants is scheduled by DornerOptimize from the headquarters in Altmünster. To achieve the most efficient and cost effective distribution, transport is optimised through the use of automatic scheduling. Mittendorfer not only relies on DornerBatch and DornerOptimize, but also on DornerLaboratory. With DornerLaboratory all plants have access to the same recipe data. The central recipe management reduces the amount of errors and batch protocols are archived for years. An automatic transfer of production data from the plants to DornerLaboratory is guaranteed. Dorner products are constantly being developed and by using the “Software as a Service” the investment costs are reduced and the software is always up to date.

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