The company

From the Gotthard Tunnel, through the Panama Canal, to the Millennium Dam in Ethiopia: the software solutions from Dorner ensure smooth operation on large and small construction sites across the world. At Dorner more than 90 employees are involved in your projects and the further development of our products.

Dorner Electronic – an innovative lead combined with experience

With more than 50 years of experience in the sector, the Austrian company Dorner Electronic has become established as the European market leader for software solutions for the construction materials industry. From the batching control, through dispatching to recipe management – the company has the right software solution for every application in the construction materials industry.

Dorner Electronic always aims to address the growing requirements of the sector with innovative approaches. Attractive complete solutions create an optimal and sustainable customer benefit.

An eventful journey

Even though much has changed over the last 50 years: our passion for concrete remains. We would like to take you on a journey through time that starts in the 1960s.

The two brothers Elmar and Konrad Dorner found the company "Dorner elektronische Sondergeräte" (Dorner special electronic equipment). The first sequence controls are built. The focus was on process control systems already in 1964.
The first dosing computer, the PDS8 or PDS80, is built based on the first microprocessors available from Intel. The development of its own computer hardware was to remain an important differentiating feature of Dorner for almost 20 years.
The PDS8 or PDS80 receives a GUI (Graphical Unit Interface). Operation is made significantly easier as a result.
Andreas Dorner, the son of the company founder Elmar Dorner, joins the company.
The PDS320 appears - and with it the last hardware built in-house.
Dorner announces the first PC-based control with the PDS NT. The operating system decision – Windows was chosen – was anything but simple at that time.
Andreas Dorner takes over the business management from his father Elmar and uncle Konrad Dorner. Andreas Dorner establishes the company as software market leader in the construction materials industry.
The process control system dornerControl with DEVIS user interface is announced. The continuously further developed software is still in use today.
The product portfolio is expanded: dornerOptimize simplifies planning in the construction materials industry.
The compact control system dornerBatch comes onto the market. The software rapidly develops into the reference product for the control of concrete plants. The graphic user interface, developed in co-operation with the University of Applied Sciences in Vorarlberg, is unique in the sector.
The owner Andreas Dorner transfers the operative business management of Dorner Electronic GmbH to Michael Jäger and Peter Germann. Both Jäger and Germann are long-standing employees of the company.
The international activities are further expanded through carefully selected partners.

Michael Jäger is the sole managing director.

Kilian Dorner joins the family business and takes over the function of Director Sales.