dornerBatch - New in Taschkent in Usbekistan

For the construction of the Tashkent airport in Uzbekistan, SBM Mineral Processing supplied a EUROMIX 3000 with dornerBatch.

Why dornerBatch?

There is little margin for error in the processes on a construction site. Even minor problems can cause domino effects and disrupt important schedules. dornerBatch ensures simple operation and impressed in particular with the multilingual user interface. Since 2019 dornerBatch is also available in Russian. The benefits are obvious: Depending on his/her language, the operator can easily choose between 22 languages.

The airport

Tashkent International Airport is located in the capital of Uzbekistan. The runways are made of 175,725 m² asphalt and 240,000 m² concrete. Uzbekistan Airways currently operates regular flights from Frankfurt am Main in Germany. Turkish Airlines serves Tashkent Airport from Istanbul 14 times a week, making it the airline with the second highest number of flights per week after Uzbekistan Airways.



41.2994958, 69.2400734