DornerBatch Precast Edition - especially for the precast industry - new at SW Umwelttechnik

SW Umwelttechnik is an Austrian producer of precast concrete elements in four countries, ranging from pipe technology to retaining wall systems. In 2017 SW Umwelttechnik decided to modernise its plant using the DornerBatch control solution.

The three sites in Hungary and Romania were also modernised and a new plant in Alsózsolca, Hungary, went into operation in 2019. On this Marcantonini system, the Würschum drying scale is controlled by DornerBatch and the Rekers block machine is continuously filled by two mixers via a bucket conveyor. In Bucharest, four mixers with an interface to three bucket conveyors are integrated to DornerBatch.

DornerBatch ensures the highest possible dosing accuracy, ease of use and best possible system reliability and meets all the challenges of the precast industry.

The Precast Edition of DornerBatch provides automatic concrete call management and concrete delivery. A simple activation of components and products makes a mix supervisor on site unnecessary.

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Simple, clear and established: as the control software, DornerBatch is the heart of your concrete plant.


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