SAW Schmitter AG relies on DornerDeliveryNote

At the concrete plant in Widnau, all types of concrete mixture are produced, and delivered to all construction sites in the plant surroundings. SAW Schmitter AG has been a customer of Dorner Electronic for many years now and relies on dornerOptimize for the distribution of their concrete – for increased efficiency, sustainability, and cost savings. 

SAW made the decision to use the digital delivery note with the new dornerDeliveryNote App. Supplements required on the construction site are registered directly on the delivery note, confirmed, and automatically pushed to invoicing. 

"By using the digital delivery note from Dorner Electronic - dornerDeliveryNote - we save time and therefore money. Additional information on the delivery note, such as (the) arrival and departure times or unloading duration no longer have to be manually registered in the system or added afterwards.

The entire data arrives reliably into accounting on a daily basis. Our drivers also quickly bought into the system and approved of it. The digital delivery note is extremely user friendly and can be operated with one hand. No more searches for missing delivery notes and complex manual further processing!  No notes, no pens, no wet, lost or illegible papers – for SAW, dornerDeliveryNote substantially eases processes and thus increases their competitiveness", says Mr Sandro Stoob - Head of Concrete Plant at SAW Schmitter AG in Widnau.


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