Three DornerBatch for Nowak Betoniarnia in Wronki, Poland

Nowak Betoniarnia installs three DornerBatch in Piotrowo, Zbasyn and Ceradz. As the region's leading manufacturer of concrete, Nowak relies on the highest quality products for its control systems. Continuous further development in the company is inevitable and therefore a control software is needed which meets all expectations, is always up-to-date and guides the customer efficiently and carefree through the daily production routine. DornerBatch ensures the highest possible dosing accuracy, ease of use and the best possible system reliability.

Thanks to modern and progressive companies such as Nowak Betoniarnia, we are able to achieve great results and the highest customer satisfaction together.

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Simple, clear and established: as the control software, DornerBatch is the heart of your concrete plant.


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