DornerTerminal – Concrete Control Point 4.0

The DornerTerminal is a new development for the digitalisation of concrete control points in precast concrete plants.

Up until now, the concrete control points consisted of a few buttons and rotary dials through which the demand for concrete was signaled to the control. Concrete composition changes and the canceling of error messages, etc. were not previously possible.

The DornerTerminal has been developed using the latest technologies, uses a web-based platform, and is operated via a touch-monitor. Through the different web interfaces in responsive design, the DornerTerminal can be used by any terminal device that is connected to a web browser.

Available concrete composition formulas as well as acceptable release quantities can be easily and independently configured. This does not only make the operation easier, but also prevents errors in production. 

Moreover, a terminal can be used for additional concrete control points, i.e. processing points. In this way, the number of terminals is reduced and capital and maintenance costs are minimised.

Furthermore, the business location no longer plays a major role because of the connection to the control which is achieved through the local network or the internet.